Monthly Archives: May 2016

Conscience and conscription

As part of our studies into the impact of the First World War on our area, we’re exploring the lives and legacy of local conscientious objectors. Initial research shows us that these men came from a variety of backgrounds and had different reasons for their stance. Before the Military Service Act was introduced, men were […]

Exploring the impact of the May 1916 Zeppelin attack

Aerial bombing of Britain began in January 1915. By the end of the War it accounted for some 1,417 deaths, and 3,400 injuries. York’s first attack was on 2 May 1916, and resulted in nine deaths and some 40 injuries. This was a new form of warfare that brought the horror of war to the […]

Footprints from the past

Pauline Alden writes about her researches into the shops on Nunnery Lane. If you look at the shop window of 117 Nunnery Lane, near to the junction with Bishopthorpe Road, you will see a pair of very large feet. This is a good clue to the present use. It has been used as a chiropodist’s […]