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28 Nunnery Lane – an off licence for over seventy years

Martin Reagan is a follower of our website and contacted us with some information about his family: “My late father lived on Nunnery Lane as a child, on the junction of Nunnery Lane and Price’s Lane.  Their house, along with a few others, was demolished some years later, to make way for the current junction, […]

‘A brave bright devotion to duty’: YMCA driver Betty Stevenson

Pauline Alden has been researching the role of local women in the First World War, including the story of Betty Stevenson. Betty worked with the YMCA, an organisation which played a tremendous role in supporting soldiers overseas. See her story here

Five Streets: the Early History of the Scarcroft Road Estate, York

This Friday evening, 10 March 2017, Mark Service will be talking about Five Streets: the Early History of the Scarcroft Road Estate, York. Mark first presented some of his research at a very popular meeting here four years ago, and we’ve invited him back again. It’s based on his York MA in the Archaeology of […]

Mother, shall we have to kill Fräulein?

These xenophobic times remind us of past anxieties. A popular Punch cartoon in 1914 reflected growing concerns about Germans living in Britain at the time. During the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries it had been common for German women to take up posts as governesses in British upper class households. But this gave rise to […]