End of an era

Sadly we say goodbye this month to Caroline Lewis, who has run the independent delicatessen, The Good Food Shop, on Bishy Road for thirteen years, with many locally sourced, tasty food products.

Caroline Lewis (courtesy of York Press)

Over the last 120 years the shop has housed a number of trades. It was a drapers for a long time, Thorolds, in the 1920s and 1930s, and at one point Mrs Thorold was also an agent for Foyle’s circulating library.

The shop was Quarrier’s sweet shop in the 1950s and 1960s, until Sheila and Geoff Oglesby bought it and ran it, still as a sweet shop. Tony Parkin who lived next door told us that this shop was only half the size but Geoff Oglesby, who was a butcher from Dringhouses, was able to add newspapers, when a ‘licence’ became available as another shop had closed down, and the back wall of the shop was knocked through to double the size. The newsagents became Kaye’s in the mid 1980s, latterly known as Maynews.

However early records identify it as a grocers back in 1891, George Todd, and so the current business reflects historic foundations.


In 1984 the shop was Maynews. (Photo courtesy of Rob Stay)

Maynews in 1990

Caroline’s shop was previously on Scarcroft Road, on the corner of Nunmill Street. She had opened there in 1987, in premises which were formerly Gordon and Jane David, greengrocers, who are still in Shambles Market today.

Scarcroft Road shops in 1984, when the shop on the corner was Gordon & Jane David, greengrocers, and is now the Corner Gallery. The Private shop is now the St Leonard’s Hospice charity shop. (Photo courtesy of Rob Stay)

Caroline has a keen interest in singing and in local affairs, and has been a key player in the Bishopthorpe Road Traders Association. She is still however recovering from a bike accident three years ago, and has decided to hand over the business to new owner Carol Costello, but will be involved for some time.



  1. Pleased you’ve done this, Susan. Hope you fd. to caroline!


  2. Beryl Long · · Reply

    A nice piece Susan

  3. An especially nice piece for me, as I was born and brought up next door.
    Just a couple of minor corrections on the history – it was called Maynews during the period when it was owned and run by Geoff Oglesby as a newsagent.
    Prior to to that, in the 50 and 60s, it was primarily a sweet shop, only half the size, owned and run by Mrs Quarrier, though I am not sure what name it traded under. The newspapers were added later, as a ‘licence’ became available when another shop closed down, and the back wall of the shop knocked through to double the size.

  4. Thanks for this Tony. We knew about Mrs Quarrier from around 1953 to 1963, and there was a shoe repairers briefly. I’ll make the changes. Do you have any pictures yourself of the road and any more memories? Susan

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