Bishopthorpe Road shops


Ronnie Cruwys has drawn some wonderful current day views of our local shops (see her website for details, also cards using these illustrations are available locally). These celebrate the special character of these shops, some of which have carried out the same type of business for over 100 years, such as the butcher’s and the fruit shop (Fruitique). There has been a fish shop since 1911, and the chemist (formerly Sherwin’s) dates from 1901.

Many were private houses, for example Pextons appears to have been private till around 1921, when it was listed as Watson’s cycle repairers. It became Pextons (cycles and radio) in 1935, then changed to hardware in 1953.

There were two Chinese laundries in the 1930s (2a Cycle Heaven and 8 Rainbow House).

We can see the development of multiple chains owned by large companies, such as Meadow Dairy (Age UK shop), and Eastman’s Butchers, which later became Dewhurst (Lal Quila). Interestingly in 1970s this shop was a second-hand dealer listed curiously as Whatmuff Junkit, Goodgrott and Bloggs.

Some traders in the city centre appear to have started locally, for example Ward’s the Florist (about to be a Thai restaurant). Cox of Northampton (see the Shambles) had a shop here between 1937 and 1951 (now OBs Diner).

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this! Very interesting.

  2. […] Clements Hall Local History Group is another aspect of this lively community. The group is building an archive of the history of this area and there is a fascinating set of photos already gathering on their blog. If you are interested to see how this street has changed in living memory – go and have a look. If you have any old photos of the Bishopthorpe Road – why not add them to the archive? The Pig and Pastry used to be a post office, McBrides was formerly Enterprise 33 and Hopscotch was once home to the Halifax Building Society. […]

  3. […] you throw a street party with ease, you support charitable causes and you cherish your local history. Most of all, you have a unique quality and energy which I wish you could bottle and share as it […]

  4. […] there is a real sense of belonging here which the Clementshall History Group demonstrates through their blog where you can see how several shops have survived with the same use […]

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