Our First World War Project

We’re very pleased to announce that our History Group has been awarded £10,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for our new project, Impact and Legacy of the First World War on our Neighbourhood. Awarded through HLF’s First World War Then and Now programme, this grant will support a two year project from January 2016.

While some sought exemption from military service for a variety of reasons, many from our densely populated area enlisted in the First World War. Families were split, those at home often experiencing uncertainty and anxiety. There were a large number of deaths, reflected in memorials subsequently erected in local churches and schools. The lives of others who returned from the war front were scarred by injury. Some were disabled, with consequences for their families.

The War was also felt in other ways locally, for example by aerial bombing, resulting in death and injury, and damage to housing. Women’s lives altered, with many going into employment that had previously been done by men. There was economic hardship for some. One consequence of food shortages was the expansion of allotment sites.

Dick Hunter will lead this project, in which we aim to encourage a wide range of local people, including young people and older residents, in the following activity:

  • Research local records including school log books, York Citizens’ Committee records, York Cemetery records, newspapers, correspondence etc
  • Undertake a minimum of four reminiscence sessions, recruiting from Clements Hall luncheon club, using historic photographs and collection boxes to stimulate memories
  • Undertake four FWW themed evening talks and produce three walking trail leaflets (also in digital format), highlighting the local war memorials and the impact of the first aerial attack on York in 1916.
  • Publicise the project on Clements Hall’s website. At the end of each year, highlight the project’s findings with an exhibition. Conclude the project with a celebration event showcasing the findings

The aim is to support people to understand the impact of the War and learn new skills in sharing their findings.

We’re delighted with this award from the Heritage Lottery Fund, which helps us involve many more people in our local community in the project. If you want to get involved please keep an eye on this website or contact us via enquiries@clementshall.org.uk.

Follow this link for resources for First World War research.




  1. […]  We are really grateful to the Clements Hall History Group for all their help with this.  (See Clements Hall World War One project).  Quite a lot of the houses the men lived in are still in our local streets today. […]

  2. We’re very pleased with your involvement and hope to add any of your experiences to our website.

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