George Broadley

George Broadley 41 Russell St, York.

(George also lived at nearby Kyme St in Bishophill.) He was originally rejected as medically unfit for service in 1916. He was later arrested as an absentee in Oct 1917 ,and then court-martialled . He refused to accept work under the Brace Committee and was given two years with hard labour on 22 October 1917 at a court-martial in Rugeley at Wormwood Scrubs Prison. He later went to Wandsworth and Pentonville Prisons.

George was a tailor like his father. He is mentioned in Hansard – an MP asked a question in May 1919 whether the Secretary of State for War would remit sentences

George’s younger brother Harry enlisted in September 1914, and was demobbed on 16 March 1919.

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