Our shopping history

Using a mixture of old photographs, the census and trade directories, and talking to people, we’ve been able to find out more about how our shops developed over the last 100 years or so. but there is still much more to explore, so do get in touch if you are interested to help.

Use the following links to see examples:
Bishopthorpe Road shops
South Bank corner shops
Scarcroft Road area shops

See also our blog posts here for articles about the shops:

Footprints from the past

Teddy Boy attraction on Bishy Road

New traders celebrate historic traditions

It’s Back to the Future Day for Bishy Road

Pickled tongues and York Cream sherry: looking back at our food shopping

Joseph Sherwood: the birth of a shop in Bishopthorpe Road

The rise and fall of shopping at multiple groceries

Decorating the street

The corner of Scarcroft Road: From butchers and drapers to hairdressers and grocers

A narrow escape

A shoemaking family

Our Memory Wall about Bishy Road shops

The Dairy Guest House at 3 Scarcroft Road

Was there life before Sainsbury’s?


One comment

  1. Dick Hunter · · Reply

    This is a wonderful collection of photos! I expect they will prompt memories, and it would be good to hear these.

    Thanks for assembling and sharing the photos.

    I’d be interested in walking round the area, looking at changes – and continuity too.

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