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Welcome to the Angel on the Green

The exciting new community cafe/bar/bike repair shop on Bishy Road is open at last, on the corner of Darnborough St. Many congratulations to Pete Kilbane and colleagues for this new venture. The name was inspired by our researches into local shop history. One of the shops here, in the 1920s, was a pork butchers, Angel […]

Shadows in the Bricks

Our next event is on Sunday 31 July, at the Winning Post pub. From 12 noon onwards we’ll be exhibiting images and memories about South Bank – the corner shops in the terraced streets, the clubs and community life. We’re particularly keen on any memories you have about the Winning Post pub, so do come […]

Footprints from the past

Pauline Alden writes about her researches into the shops on Nunnery Lane. If you look at the shop window of 117 Nunnery Lane, near to the junction with Bishopthorpe Road, you will see a pair of very large feet. This is a good clue to the present use. It has been used as a chiropodist’s […]

Robinsons: a warm welcome to our latest cafe

This week we welcome Robinsons, a new cafe just opened on Bishy Road, taking over the premises vacated by the popular Puddin’ and Pie. Robinsons has been founded by award-winning young chef Rebecca Toppin and her partner, Will Pearce (the name is from his family). They both have a wealth of experience in catering in […]

Teddy Boy attraction on Bishy Road

During much of the last century, one half of the premises now occupied by Trinacria on Bishopthorpe Road was a gentleman’s outfitters. In the 1920’s it was Tom Dixon, and then from the 1930’s until the mid 1960’s it was John Shillito Piercy. However many people will still remember Leeming & Salisbury, which lasted from […]

New traders celebrate historic traditions

It’s good to see two newcomers complementing our range of independent traders on Bishy Road. This gives us a chance to look back at the previous history of these two particular shops. We’re thrilled to see that both are reflecting some old traditions. Olive’s Nest is on the corner at no 4 Scarcroft Road, selling […]

It’s Back to the Future Day for Bishy Road

It’s Back to the Future Day today, celebrating the day which Michael J Fox’s Marty McFly and Christopher Lloyd’s Doc Brown travelled to, in Back to the Future 2 in 1989. So we thought we’d use Rob Stay’s fascinating photos of Bishy Road in the mid- 1980s to see how we’ve changed: Costcutter corner seen […]