The contribution of women in the First World War

Women munition workers at Cooke’s in Bishophill

Members of our local history group have been researching the role of women in the First World War. We’re always keen to attract people who might be interested in helping. Contact us via Clements Hall on 01904 466086 or email

Follow these links for some fascinating stories:

Lady Volunteers at Southlands Church in the First World War

Supporting WW1 soldiers and sailors at York

Sister Mary Nelson Heasley

The Dodsworth sisters

Betty Stevenson, YMCA ambulance driver

Stella Grieves, a WAAC from York

Mother shall we have to kill Fraulein?

Nursing at Nunthorpe Hall

The Munition Dirge

Women, Work, War

Local WW1 women volunteers and sphagnum moss

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