Thomas Jones

Thomas Jones lived at 46 Nunthorpe Road in York.

In February 1917, at the York City Police Court, Thomas Jones, 29, was accused of failing to present himself for a medical with the Army (Yorkshire Evening Press, 15 Feb 1917).

The prosecutor, Mr Boothroyd, explained that Thomas had been working in a munitions factory and therefore had been ‘badged’ by the Ministry of Munitions in the previous year. At the same time he had also applied for exemption from military service on conscientious grounds, but this was waived because of his badging. Towards the end of 1916 however it was decided that a number of men who had previously been badged might be released for active service. Debadging applied to unskilled and semi skilled men under 31 years of age.To this end the Army had sent for these men to undertake medicals.

Thomas stated that he refused to undergo his medical as he had applied to the York Local Tribunal for exemption from military service on conscientious grounds, and this was a recognised stance by objectors. There were complications to this case as the letter advising of the medical had been sent to an incorrect address in Nunthorpe Road, and also his employer had stated that he was indispensable. This case was dismissed on the grounds that the defendant had not received proper notice of the medical.

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