Time flies in Scarcroft Road

Novak now Evolve

Number 4 Scarcroft Road, where Evolve Hairdressers is now, was a Clock Maker and Watch Repairer, run by Patricia and Jan Nowak in 1959. They had run the business there since 1948. Patricia, formerly Patricia Carolan, had been a police officer until her marriage to Jan Nowak in 1947.  Jan was Polish. The shop made front-page headlines in the Yorkshire Evening Press on 18 January 1959.  A youth, precisely described as ‘about 5 foot 4 to 5 foot 5 in height in a dark blue suit with no hat’, smashed the display window to the shop and ran off with two wrist watches, valued at £6 (1959 prices).  Mr Nowak tried to catch the thief, but was unsuccessful.

The description of the thief throws a light on men’s fashion’s of the day – maybe it was usual for a 1959 thief to wear a hat ? – or certainly a possibility. ……

4 Scarcroft Road was still listed as a Clock and Watch repairers in the 1976 Yellow Pages, but seems to have become a domestic residence after 1976 and before it became Evolve.

As I write this in August 2013, Evolve is set to open new premises on Bishopthorpe Road.

Anne Houson

More information about Scarcroft Road shops.


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